Term Dates

Term dates for this academic year are shown below.

Lent Term 2022
Term begins Wednesday 5th January
Term ends Friday 25th March mid-day
Half Term Monday 14th February to Friday 18th February incl.

Summer Term 2022
Term begins Tuesday 19th April
Term ends Wednesday 6th July, 1pm
Half Term Friday 10th June (mid-day) to Friday 17th June incl.

Michaelmas Term 2022
Term begins Monday 29th August
Term ends Wednesday 14th December (mid-day)
Half Term Monday 10th October to Tuesday 18th October incl.

Lent Term 2023
Term begins Monday 9th January
Term ends Friday 24th March (mid-day)
Half term Monday 13th February to Friday 17th February (incl)

Summer Term 2023
Term begins Tuesday 18th April
Term ends Wednesday 5th July (mid-day)
Half term Friday 9th June (mid-day) to Friday 16th June (incl)

Michaelmas Term 2023
Term begins Wednesday 30th August
Term ends Friday 15th December (mid-day)
Half term Monday 9th October to Tuesday 15th October (incl)

Kindergarten Term Dates
 same as above
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