13th March 2020

On Monday morning I took the opportunity to say a huge thank you to Mrs Rawson, Mr Inwood, Mr Brown, Mrs Stuart, Miss Amado, Mr Rooney, Pam, Courtney and Kalani for running a great night for the boarders the previous Friday.  The silent disco accompanied by neon lights, pizza and other fun extras certainly tired the tireless and provided a very worthwhile extension to the week.
Mrs Wright’s intrepid P7 equivalent hockey squad deserved huge praise for their efforts and successes at the George Watson’s College hockey tournament at Peffermill the previous Saturday.  Our girls competed against schools with year groups totalling the same number as our entire school roll, and our girls won two, drew one and lost two.  Opponents included High Schools of both Dundee and Glasgow, St Aloysius and St. George’s.  Rest assured, they more than did us proud!

Trips aplenty took place in the week; Form 4 to Edinburgh Castle, Form 5 to Dynamic Earth and Dr Morgan took a Maths team to the Merchiston Maths Day.  This week’s Bike Ability session also ran according to plan (just to make sure our boarding team were on their toes), and today’s dress rehearsal for our senior production has seen the senior production nearing Miss McRae’s uncompromisingly high standards. 

These standards were on full display in this morning’s most timely and uplifting assembly.  Miss McRae educated us on the life and death of St. Patrick, ahead of next Tuesday’s St. Patrick’s Day, and her informative presentation was interspersed with delightful musical interludes.  Mabel gave a note perfect rendition of The Hills of Lorne on her violin, Kate sang Molly Malone beautifully, Willa sang Danny Boy with her customary expertise and our trio of flautists Libby, Elena and Freyja played The Irish Washerwoman as a most uplifting conclusion to a well-timed therapy following a demanding week.
I would be misleading you if I were to deny how challenging the ever-changing situation surrounding the coronavirus is proving to be.  However, on behalf of St. Mary’s Miss Simpson, Mr Inwood and I, went to pay our respects at the funeral of Adam Pattinson on Thursday.  Adam was a much loved Craigclowan schoolteacher, husband, father, brother and son.  He lost his life in a tragic accident whilst cycling to work three weeks ago and to support his wonderful family the Craigclowan and Perthshire Rugby Club communities turned out on mass to give Adam a fitting send off.
I draw this week’s newsletter to a conclusion by sending St. Mary’s deepest condolences to Adam’s family and to the wider family that is Craigclowan.  As a school, Craigclowan has shown incredible fortitude, resilience and dignity in dealing with a loss that will have a long lasting impact on all of us.
These beautiful words accompanied a lovely photograph of Adam and his toddler son Fraser on his order of service:
‘A father is neither an anchor to hold us back nor a sail to take us there, but a guiding light whose love shows us the way’ (Anon)
Perhaps we ought to smile a little more often.



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