U9 Hockey Festival at Tweedbank 


 The girls were very excited to be hosting the U9 hockey festival at Tweedbank.  Cargilfield, Belhaven and Fettes had entered. 
There were 8 teams and 12 games so a busy afternoon of sport to be enjoyed by all.
Games were 12 minutes in duration and the teams were placed into 2 pools.  All the teams played 3 matches.


In Pool A, all the games were strongly contested and St Mary’s demonstrated some excellent attacking and defensive play.  Using the full width of the pitch to move the ball between players with accuracy and speed.
The games in Pool B were equally as exciting, with for some of the younger St Mary’s players this being their first full match and an opportunity to put all their hard work in training sessions into practice. 
A super afternoon of hockey was had by all.

Pool A STM A Cargilfield A Belhaven A Fettes A
STM A   2-1 3-0 3-0
Cargilfield A 1-2   4-0 5-0
Belhaven A 0-3 0-4   5-0
Fettes A 0-3 0-5 2-0  
Pool B STM B Cargilfield B Fettes B STM C
STM B   0-3 1-0 0-0
Cargilfield B 3-0   1-0 3-0
Fettes B 0-1 0-1   0-2
STM C 0-0 0-3 2-0  

Mrs R Routledge, Miss C Amado and Bea Mitchell

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