U11 A & B Vs Loretto

Wednesday 22/09/21

Mr J Brown

St. Mary’s A

This week’s blustery fixture was an excellent benchmark for the lads moving forward into the
new season, and I was massively impressed with their conduct and performance throughout
the entire match.
We faced off against a punchy Loretto A side who offered a lot of physicality upfront, and
they ran in quite a few early trys which set us on the back foot. Despite this, the lads held
steady and as we warmed up to the match we began to move things onto a more even keel.


Our style of rugby was splendid and it was outstanding watching the lads carry at the right
time, and take the contact well but also facilitating each other, moving the ball through the
hands well and accurately.
The second half proved to be more favourable for us, where our fizzy style of rugby
outplayed Loretto’s quite direct approach, leading us to score 6 tries compared to Loretto’s
Despite losing the match, I was thoroughly impressed with the lad’s maturity on the pitch and
for not letting their heads dip when things were against them. Alongside this, the rugby we
played was exceptional for a first contact fixture away from home for months.
Our takeaways for next week will be to bring more line speed in defence, alongside more
combative rucking technique.

Loretto 11 – St. Mary’s 7

St. Mary’s B

I thought the B team applied themselves well today - they deserved their victory. They kept a pretty tight defensive line throughout, and generally paid close attention to the game and the opposition. Each of them made 'contact' with their opponents and they forced them to make a number of handling errors - understanding that in such cases the team as a whole need to press, will be of benefit in future matches.

They all have a slight tendency to run in random directions which, although it confuses the opposition, also has the effect of confusing their team-mates. They're all jinky runners and they did make use of the width available.


Loretto 13 – St. Mary’s 16


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