Middle School Picnic, Abbotsford

Monday 5th July 2021

Looking out of the window on Monday morning we all doubted that Middle School picnic would go ahead… but by the time we arrived at school it was looking a bit more promising, so we set off armed with coats and wellies.  Forms 4 and 5 headed for the woods, while Form 3 went off on their own adventure to see around the House.  Drips were still dropping on our heads as we walked through the fabulous woods until we stopped to appreciate our surroundings; looking, listening and taking deep breaths of the damp woodland smells.  At the far end we completed a scavenger hunt and the children demonstrated their knowledge of different tree types that were around us. 

Walking back towards the House by the higher path we discovered a wonderful clearing and scrambled down into it to have some more fun.  The children worked in teams to create a 3D structure of their own imagination.  They produced fantastic structures – two fabulous shelters; a home for mice, with special secret escape holes; a multi-purpose home entertainment stick on two poles which could apparently be used as rugby posts, a limbo bar, high jump pole, and most importantly as a spit above an imaginary fire! This structure was, for some inexplicable reason, accompanied by a camouflaged hedgehog shelter!  It was a great morning but the best was yet to come!

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Linda 3

Linda 17


After our picnic lunch by the river the children were given the freedom to roam the fields but every one of them headed straight to the river! Wading out in the shallows was followed by the odd child dipping down to announce it was freezing… water fights and giggles followed. The suddenly half of the children were commando crawling through the water! The noise was incredible as they all splashed and screamed – I am sure we must have been heard back here at school! 

Before the shivering started we called them all in to change and get into dry clothes.  A visit to the play park followed and a play along the haugh.  Reluctantly we returned to school and weary, muddy but very happy bunch of children!
Huge thanks to all staff who helped us have such a great adventure together!
Linda Runciman, James Brown and Jennifer Kirkness

Jules Birdsall, 06/07/2021