Shunter's Wood

Thursday 1st July 2021

Forms 3 and 4 joined together again to walk along the back paths up to Shunter’s Wood, behind Darnick.  We were met there by Miss Wood who had a brought her inspiration with her so we could enjoy outdoor art activities.  After a short wander along the paths we stopped to look more closely at the shapes and forms of the trees, grasses and flowers around us.  Armed with some Willow Charcoal the children (and staff) stopped, gazed and drew their impressions of what we were observing.  This was wonderful task completely absorbed the children and they produced a wide variety of styles.
shunters wood

shunters wood 2

shunters wood 3

shunters wood 4

shunters wood 6

Following this Miss Wood gave us 7 large bamboo poles and, in small groups, the children used the fauna around them to decorate their poles. They tied on the ferns, leaves, flowers, twigs and sticks and of course the most decorative of all, sticky willow!  This activity entailed a lot of detailed searching as well as team work to ensure they produced the best decorated pole.  It was then time for the walk back through the thankfully shady paths to school. 

shunters wood 7

shunters wood 8

shunters wood 11

Another lovely morning out in the environment, enjoyed by all. Huge thanks to Miss Wood, Mrs Lewington, Miss Amado and Ewan.

Mrs Runciman and Mrs Kirkness

Jules Birdsall, 02/07/2021