1st Rounders v Belhaven Hill 

Wednesday 2nd June 2021
St. Mary’s 25: Belhaven 10
Captain: Tiggy

1sts v Belhaven

Our first away fixture in 2021 did not disappoint and I think the girls put on the best display of rounders I have seen in a long time.

Losing the toss, and thus having to bat first, we began as we continued, with a mighty hit from Iona, and a rounder scored. This set the scene and the girls certainly took Belhaven by surprise given their prowess with bat in hand. However, it was not just the batting which was good, running round the posts with determination and reading of the game too, was excellent. After 30 good balls we had 13.5 rounders

(Iona 2.5, Olivia 2.5, Tiggy 2.5, Kate 2.5, Skye 2, and Emily 1.5)

Fielding was tight and of course we had no idea where Belhaven’s strengths lay (usually we have been in tournaments and know how other teams play!) They had one superb hitter who scored 2 full rounders before Anna caught her out, and another couple of halves were gained by reaching 2nd post. Iona and Emily also showed good hands when they caught batters 8 and 9 on their first hits. After 29 balls, Belhaven had scored 4.5.

Belhaven caught Mabel and Olivia out and stumped Emily at 2nd, early on in innings 2. Their support and direction from the side-lines was invaluable as the rest of the team again hit hard and played tactically. The remaining batters looked to see where the fielders were placed and then hit in to the spaces, they ran fast and panicked the fielders leading to another 12.5 rounders being added to the score line – with a total of 25, this was going to be hard for Belhaven to chase.

(Iona, 1.5, Olivia .5, Tiggy 3, Kate 2, Skye 3.5, Anna 1, Zara 1)

Skye caught out batters 1 and 9 on their first balls with Zara doing the same to batter 8. The big hitter continued true to form collecting 2.5 herself. Some tactical running on ‘missed’ balls which rolled into the nettles allowed 3 x .5 at 4th post and is a trick we could have picked up on! Batter 5 ran in a full during our only lapse in concentration (you are forgiven girls!) with Emily following this score with catching out no 7. An innings score of 5.5 saw Belhaven’s match total reach 10.

To a player, these girls played with true St. Mary’s grit and determination – I am really proud of every one of them!

Mrs FK Bell

Jules Birdsall, 03/06/2021

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