Week ending 21st May 

Monday 17th May
mon 17 may 

Tuesday 18th May
Today after prep the boarders split into their forms and all took part in different activities. We had form 4 playing the keyboards in the music room and form 6 in the art studio making posters for their dorm. Meanwhile Form 7 played some Just Dance with Form 8 outside on the courts playing tennis. 
tue 18th may

Wednesday 19th May 
Today the boarders had a bbq for dinner outside by the big tree. The boarders enjoy burger before playing out on the grass or in the tennis courts together before splitting up into other activities. There was Just Dance, painting in the art room, board games inside with tennis, rugby and football outside. 
wed 19 may

wed 19 may 1

wed 19 may 2

wed 19 may 3

Thursday 20th May 
Today after prep the boarders split of to many different activities. Form 5’s went to the pre prep gym and we’re practising gymnastics. Form 6 went to the art room and made poster for their dorm rooms. While form 7 and 8 went outside to play tennis before they all swapped over. 
thur 20 may

thur 20 may 2

photos by Mrs E Rawson
blog by Corinne McQuillan




Jules Birdsall, 21/05/2021

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