Week ending 30th April 2021

Monday 26th April
mon 26 Apr 21

mon 26 April B 21

mon 26 apr

mon 26 apr 2

Tuesday 27th April

Today after prep the boarders went outside to the courts to play on the tennis courts with the Form 8’s practising tennis and the youngest boarders playing a game of Ace. 

Tue 27 Apr 21

Wednesday 28th April
After dinner the boarders went off and chose from a range of activities taking place; there was tennis, handball and croquet. Before snack a few boarders went into the Art room to make a banner in order to celebrate Pam’s 60th birthday, while others carefully decorated cupcakes for everyone to share.

wed 28 april

wed 28 april 2

wed 28 april 3

wed 28 april 4

wed 28 april 5

pam 60th birthday
Matron Pam has a big birthday on Saturday!

Thursday 29th April
Today after prep the older boarders went off to practice tennis while some of the younger boarders went to the pre-prep gym to play dodgeball and then they went to the park for a short time before snack.

thur 29th April

thur 29 apr

thur 29 apr 2

thur 29 apr 3

thur 29 apr 4

thur 29 apr 6

Mrs E Rawson and Miss C McQuillan


Jules Birdsall, 29/04/2021

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