Senior Squad Activities

As is customary in the last few days of the Lent Term, we held our annual Squad day.  It had to be a bit different this year, but just being together in Form groups and working as a team doing squad activities was a great way to celebrate being all back together again on campus this week.  Forms 6 - 8 had their Wednesday afternoon games session geared towards completing squad goals and relays on the tennis courts in glorious warm sunshine.  Reception, Form 1 and 2 spent part of Thursday morning doing a quiz in the classrooms with Home coming out on top as the Pre Prep quiz winners.  Forms 3, 4 and 5 then took part in a quiz in their rooms on Thursday afternoon.  All these events allowed every pupil in school to gain points for their squad in some way or another.  There was a genuine feeing of fun and camaraderie throughout all the activities and a real hard fought competition this year for the Paviliion Quaich.

senior squad activities Mar 21

senior squad activities Mar 21

senior squad activities Mar 21

squad day 1

squad day 4

squad day 5

squad day 3

squad day 2

Mrs Hutchison

Jules Birdsall, 17/03/2021

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