4th December 2020

by Mrs Bell and Miss McRae

The week started with assembly reminding children of the true spirit of Christmas and why we are supporting our local foodbank in Galashiels.  This year they have asked the St. Mary’s community to provide some special Christmas goodies to brighten up their food bags.  Since then we have seen an array of chocolates, crackers, mince pies and similar goods adorn tables in the Hamilton and Sanderson buildings.  Ms Wood is ever industrious and is making beautiful bags for the items to be presented in.   

Staff were thanked for their part in starting off Christmas festivities this week.  One of our entrepreneurs in Form 3, Grace B, is once again raising money for charity by selling homemade reindeer food. 
Mrs Bell made mention of the numerous hockey players from St. Mary’s who represented Fjordhus Reivers at the weekend.  She was delighted to witness these pupils playing proudly, albeit from a distance.
In the ICT room, Form 6 and 7 pupils were the first to receive further training in the use of Microsoft Teams and this process has been repeated with other classes throughout the week.  In the evening Form 6 and 7 parents’ meetings were held and Miss McRae. Mr Inwood, Mrs Bruce and Mr Rawson were pleased to have the opportunity to update parents on their child’s progress.
On Tuesday we saw Mr Brydon erecting the Christmas trees, just in time to celebrate Miss Amado’s birthday! 
Winter arrived with a vengeance on Wednesday and saw our intrepid Games staff and pupils wrap up for a wintery session – thank goodness for under-floor heating which helped to thaw them out when they returned!
The school bid farewell for now to Ruary and Rocco, we look forward to welcoming them back in due course.  Meanwhile, a busy Boarding House saw a buzz around different areas of the campus.

Unfortunately, the icy weather put paid to Kindergarten’s planned trip to the woods on Thursday, but we were treated to a Viking invasion by Form 3 that afternoon.  Having successfully gained entry to the Sanderson building our young explorers feasted on meat, fish, veg and honey bread.

Awakening to a blanket of varying depths of snow across the Borders and Lothians this morning we were filled with anticipation for our annual switch-on of the Christmas tree.  As we write, the snow has turned to monsoon-like rain and we have adapted our plans to ensure the traditional St. Mary’s event still takes place.  We thank the Friends of St. Mary’s for their very generous goodie bags which the children have thoroughly enjoyed while watching a Christmas movie of their choice.
Looking ahead we have a full week of normal timetable ahead before the real festivities take place in the last few days.  We will endeavour to make this as productive and enjoyable a time as we can for the children.  Have a good weekend.

Jules Birdsall, 04/12/2020

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