Tesco Bank Schools Art Competition

This week we received the lovely news that Grace in Form 3 is a runner up in this years “Tesco Bank  Schools Art Competition” which is organised by the National Gallery. We had thought that Charlie (Form 6) and Rose (Form 2) were our only winners this year. However, there is a category that is judged separately by judges from Scottish Ballet and this is where Grace’s prize comes in.

In previous years winning artists have been rewarded with tickets to Scottish Ballets Christmas Performance and their artwork printed within the productions programme. With Covid restrictions, this year, the company see their activities somewhat curtailed. So Scottish Ballet have kindly offered the winning artists a dance, art &craft online workshop in December. We really hope that Grace has fun with this, it sounds right up her street! Also Grace and her family are invited to the premier on line screening of Scottish Ballets Christmas film “The Secret Theatre”.

Grace Broadhead Nov 2020
The theme was “Toys” and Grace imagined her toy rabbit in a fabulous landscape where he came to life! It’s a fun image bursting with life and the judges noted “impressively detailed” .

Well done, Grace!

Ms Wood


Jules Birdsall, 18/11/2020