23rd October 2020

There was a distinct lack of a few ‘ski goggle sun tans’ as pupils returned from the half term break and subsequently (and pleasingly) no plastered limbs.  
I am conscious that this time last week, many pupils, parents and staff will have been enjoying the fact that holidays extended through to Wednesday past, but that on Tuesday evening that mind-set might have altered to thinking ‘why not two weeks’ holiday?’.  One reason for this is that we have a set number of teaching days per academic year and extending to a two-week half term would have taken us below that number.  Sorry!
Anyway, the cheerful return of pupils on Wednesday suggested that the school ‘normal’ is perhaps easier to accept than changes incurred over family holidays.  The pupils have been in good spirits and worked well these past three days, and it was lovely to see Miss Renwick in helping with some reading and small group support in Pre-Prep.  Cheffy and the kitchen staff welcomed Wendy Scott to the team. It was also a pleasure welcoming former pupil Callum Adamson to take part in 3 days’ work experience.
Boarding has picked up from where it left off, with forty beds occupied over the two nights on offer.  The pupils and boarding staff are ensuring Covid related regulations are adhered to, and all credit to them for being so diligent.
Below this blog, you will see some lovely photos of Kindergarten visiting Wooplaw Woods again.  Not only are the sounds, smells and feelings of wading through fallen leaves so appealing to our youngest pupils, but the colours in the Borders at this time of year are absolutely mesmerising. 
I hope like my four legged companion Oscar and I, you treated yourself to some picturesque rambles over the half term break.  This served as a further reminder to me how lucky we are to live in this beautiful part of the country, especially as large swathes of the UK, particularly in certain cities, are under hugely stifling but necessary restrictions.  The Tweed Valley is truly breath-taking at this time of year.
Tweed valley october 2020

river tweed - 21 October 2020

It would seem the word is getting out about our beautiful corner of the Borders, not just locally, but nationally and even internationally as the school has received a number of enquiries about pupil places over the last two weeks.  These include enquiries from as far as the United States!
Meanwhile, this morning’s sounds of Abbey Park have included instrumental tuition, lectures from form rooms and accompanying applause, muffled conversations through senior pupils and staff facemasks, but thankfully no coughing!
Remember, clocks go back this Saturday/Sunday.  Keep smiling!
Have a lovely weekend.
Mr H           

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