Week ending 2nd October 2020

Monday 28th September
On Monday Evening the girl boarders went to the Morrison Hall to hold a fashion/fancy-dress show, using the drama clothing and props. The boys enjoyed a kick about on the front field and later watched the Arsenal verses Liverpool match in the common room.
Mon 28 sept

Mon 28 Sept 2
Tuesday 29th September
Tuesday evening saw the boarders set up a hockey game on the tennis courts as well as a handball tournament.
tue 29 sept

tue 29 sept 2

tue 29 sept 3

Wednesday 30th September
On Wednesday evening, the girl boarders enjoyed a large and energetic game of capture the flat on the front pitch whilst the boys continued their weekly football tournament on the tennis courts. It’s fair to say all pupils, and staff, slept well!

Thursday 1st October
On Thursday night the Boarders took a walk by the river after prep, shortly followed by games on the tennis courts.

thur 1 oct

thur 1 oct 2

thur 1 oct 3

Mrs E Rawson


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