Week ending 25th September 2020

Monday 21st September 
On Monday evening, a lively game of ‘Handball’ was played, with friendly competition rife. On the last ball, Torquil and Mr Inwood were left victorious!

Mon 21 sept

Tuesday 22nd September
On Tuesday, another great variety of sports were chosen including hockey, ‘Handball’, and rugby. The night was topped off with the excitement of the first ‘Great British Bake-off’!
tue 22 sept

tue 22 sept 2

tue 22 sept 3

tue 22 sept 4

Wednesday 23rd September
On Wednesday, the boarders’ moves were showcased both on and off the pitch. The Boys’ Football Tournament commenced and the intense match resulted in a fantastic win for Team 1 captained by Henry. In an equally vivacious style, the girls partied hard in Just Dance, before sharing their football skills with the boys.

wed 23 sept 1

wed 23 sept

wed 23 sept 2

wed 23 sept 3

wed 23 sept 4

Thursday 24th September
Thursday night saw lots more games on the tennis court before the rain hurried us inside for another round of Just Dance.

thur 24 sept

Mrs E Rawson and Miss G Pringle


Jules Birdsall, 25/09/2020

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