Pre-Prep Make Outlines of Sea Creatures 

On Wednesday afternoon, Reception and Forms 1 & 2 made outlines of marine creatures during Pre-Prep Activities.

First of all, we cut out some shapes of turtles, octopi, sharks and tuna. Then we coloured them in carefully using felt tip pens and pencils. Some of the colours were really wild!

IMG 4935

We learnt that animals like the octopus can change the colour of their skin in an instant to all sorts of crazy colours and patterns. 

When we had finished colouring our pictures we headed outside before getting together in Form groups to make the shapes of fish and even a fish's eyeball! These were photographed from above using the school's new drone.

Reception made a fish eyeball!

Form 1 made a little sprat.

Form 2 made a sea turtle

Finally, we all grouped together to make a huge dolphin!

Tom Rawson, 15/09/2020