19th June 2020

Mr Harvey welcomed the School back on Monday morning after the half-term break with his weekly assembly.  In the calm and peaceful surroundings of the School, Mr Harvey talked about the soothing effect that nature has upon us and we were able to hear the birdsong ringing out in the grounds as he spoke.  No doubt Mrs Harvey’s tireless efforts to encourage the birdlife with her many home-made feeders has contributed to that wonderful sound!  Mr Harvey also made mention of Mr Alexander Brownlie, a Former Pupil and long-time supporter and friend of the school, in his address.  Mr Brownlie sadly passed away earlier this month but we were honoured to be able to pay our respects to Mr Brownlie last Friday as his cortege visited the school grounds.

Work resumed as ‘normal’ for pupils and staff via Edmodo this week, while on campus building work was able to resume on the veranda.   Mrs Currie’s new classroom will soon be ready for her to move into with her next charges, alongside a new teaching classroom for Middle and Upper School pupils.  Later in the summer, new windows and carpets will be put into the Music and Drama rooms, completing the refurbishment of the Veranda.

Mr Harvey was able to update parents this week as to the School’s hopes for the new academic year, starting at the end of August.  Plans are well underway to ensure that we return to as normal a version of school as we can, given the restrictions that we may have to work within.  Part of these plans will allow for re-integration sessions with the children before the real work starts!  Parents will have received an email from the School today with a presentation from Mrs Rawson on the topic of Emotional Health and Wellbeing.  Thanks go to Mrs Rawson for preparing this vital information on a topic that is so important for us all.

Today would normally be ‘In-Day’ where the children would move up a year for the day and meet their new teachers.  As a result, pupils received a video/audio message from their new Form Tutors this morning to touch base with them.  On In-Day we welcome the newly invested Melrosian to school for lunch, and an assembly and photo opportunity with the children.  This year, FP Douglas Crawford was due to become Melrosian.  Sadly, our local festivals have fallen victim to the current circumstances, but do take a look on social media for some images and videos of past events.  We are delighted to hear that Douglas will have the opportunity to carry out the honour of becoming Melrosian in 2021.

Finally, Form 8 are rightly basking in the combined glory of their Common Entrance success.  We know they worked incredibly hard, and we had absolute faith that they would achieve their best, but I don’t think any of us can really comprehend what an unusual time this has been for them.  They have made us all very proud.

Miss McRae on behalf of Mr Harvey

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