22nd May 2020

Distance learning week 6 began with our usual Monday morning assembly.  Although, it was really a rather unusual assembly.  Mr Harvey was nowhere to be seen.  Instead, we were treated to one of those rare appearances of Shaun the Sheep; one ewe will probably never forget!  Shaun the Sheep has been known to appear at St. Mary’s before, the last occasion being during the 2019 St. Mary’s Has (no) Talent, just before Christmas.  Reception and Mrs Currie would have been most surprised to see Shaun the Sheep had taken up residence in their classroom – perhaps plans have been submitted to SBC for the portacabin to be turned into a lambing shed once Reception move to their sparkling new classroom on the veranda?  A much-needed and light-hearted start to the week for us all, with an important message about kindness towards those around us .
The routine of academic lessons has once again been interspersed with wonderful messages and performances from our pupils.  As Form 8 approach the final sprint to the finish line of Common Entrance, we are delighted to see that they continue to think of the wider school, and to encourage their fellow pupils with their words of wisdom.  Taking time out to look after our wellbeing is essential at the moment and these fantastic examples of music making, art, sporting endeavours, baking and keeping in touch with those we care about, are just some of the skills our young people have to draw on.  Geordie’s insight into beekeeping was wonderful, and something I’m sure many of us had not had the opportunity to see at such close quarters. 
Kindergarten continue to inspire their young charges with themed activities each week.  This week has seen the world of mini-beasts as their focus and it’s a joy to see the contributions from our youngest St. Mary’s pupils being shared and celebrated on Edmodo.
Congratulations go to Lewis M and Jemima M for becoming our most recent reading millionaires, another very worthwhile lockdown activity.  Mrs Kirkness is also delighted to report that Form 3 came 4th in the recent Scottish Borders Sumdog Competition with Meisha coming 3rd overall, Matilda 7th, Lawrence 9th and Fergus 11th.  Congratulations to all in Form 3 for this superb team effort.

Yesterday, I am sure many of us listened with anticipation to the announcement detailing the Scottish Government ‘Route Map’ for easing lockdown restrictions.  Within this document, there is lengthy guidance for schools and other educational establishments about the tentative steps we may be able to take, should the relevant statistics and scientific evidence allow it, after May 28th.  SCIS will be providing Scottish independent schools with further guidance on Monday, having considered the details of the Government’s phased plan.  Our own School Management Team will then meet to discuss the possibilities for St. Mary’s.  Our desire to send our Form 8 pupils on their way to the next stage in their lives, with the deserved celebration and recognition of their contribution to St. Mary’s, is foremost in our thoughts.
Miss McRae

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