Week ending 6th March 2020

Monday 2nd March
Great start to the week with outdoor activities and Just Dance.
Tuesday 3rd March
Tuesday night was a busy night for the boarding house. We had our first session of mountain biking with 2 members from the Boarders Academy of Sporting Excellence coming to St Marys helping the kids improve their biking skills whilst having fun! It was a great success and we are excited to have them with us over the next couple of months. Later on there was hockey and time spent in the IT room.
tue 3 march

tue 3 march 2

tue 3 march 3

Wednesday 4th March
After an eventful afternoon of games, there was no lack of energy with another action-packed evening. There was handball outside, fun in the art and IT rooms. A group of boarders also headed over to the Greenyards to watch the Melrose under 18s rugby match against Jedburgh.

wed 4 march 2

wed 4 march 3

wed 4 march 4

wed 4 march 5

wed 4 march 6

wed 4 march 7

Thursday 5th March
On Thursday night, we had Cooking with Cheffy. This week, we made Chicken Kiev with broccoli. It was a lot a fun and tasted amazing!! Later on we had more outdoor activities, Just Dance, and time in the art room. A fairly relaxed night before our exciting Boarders Silent Disco on Friday night.

thur 5 march 20

wed 4 march

Friday 6th March
Silent Disco  news to follow 

Mrs E Rawson and Courtney Hamilton


Jules Birdsall, 05/03/2020

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