Week ending 21st February 2020

Monday 17th February
Our first night back after half term, and our last night of 3G football. Despite the chilly weather and wet conditions, the night went ahead and showed to be extremely fun for everyone involved.
Tuesday 18th February
Tuesday night was a busy one. There were games outside, creative time in the art room, and fun in the IT room.
tue 18 Feb 20

tue 18 feb 20 A

tue 18 feb 20  B

tue 18 feb 20 C

Wednesday 19th February
On Wednesday night, the boarders had a lot of fun in many different ways. There was Just Dance, overly competitive Monopoly games, netball and football outside, and fun in the kitchen making chocolate covered marshmallows. As well as this, preparations began for our upcoming Boarders Dinner Dance, which is being held next Tuesday!!

Wed 19 feb 20

wed 19 feb 20 A

WEd 19 feb 20 B

Wed 19 Feb 20 C
Thursday 20th February
On Thursday, the boarders made their own dinners in Cooking with Cheffy. We made delicious chicken schnitzel with a side of mashed potato, corn and salad. It was great!! Later on there were a variety of activities happening indoors including Just Dance, painting, drawing, board games and other competitions. Despite the weather, the boarders made the most of the last boarding night of the week.

thur 20 feb 20

thur 20 feb 20 A
Mrs Emma Rawson and Miss Courtney Hamilton, GAP


Jules Birdsall, 21/02/2020

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