Week ending 7th February 2020

Monday 3rd February
 The night begin with drizzly wet conditions but fined up just in time for our session! The pupils had an awesome time this week playing games with teams of their choice. Once again the superior team of Mr Rooney won convincingly! The night was enjoyed by all, including those who chose not to take part!
3rd Feb 20

3rd Feb 20A

3rd feb 20 C

Tuesday 4th February
Today was the final session of swimming for the Lent term which all the pupils who attended will miss in the coming weeks as we edge closer to the summer term! The warmth of the pool was enjoyed by all, splashing, Marco Polo and throwing balls galore! Dodgeball and the art room was on offer for the non swimmers, dodgeball never disappoints and the art room was full of wonderful tunes. Fun was most definitely had by all!

tue 4 feb 20

tue 4 Feb 20A

tue 4 20A

tue 4 feb 20B

Wednesday 5th February
wed 5 feb 20

Thursday 6th February
thur 6 feb 20

Mr K Sweeney


Jules Birdsall, 06/02/2020

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