U11 Netball v Fettes 

Wednesday 5th February 2020
St. Mary’s-7: Fettes 9
Captain: Zara

It was a real treat to play indoors, in Fettes games hall today-no frosty fingers or blue legs!

The game got off to a rapid start, with Fettes netting 2 goals before we really got into our stride. After a great interception in our defensive D the ball made its way rapidly to the attackers and before we knew it, we were 3-2 up at ¼ time.

IMG 8010tt

Some sloppy passes and a lack of aggression were our undoing in the second ¼ where we found ourselves chasing the game and Fettes were deserved 4-1 winners of this passage of play (6-4 to Fettes) A dynamic start to the second half of the match saw us again take control, the linking play between attack and defence was superb, and appreciated by our supporters! Tables turned again and we won the ¼ 2-1 (7-6 to Fettes)

With all to play for, the girls tried so hard, but again some panicked passes slipped in, where more composure on the ball may have seen the game tip in our balance; Fettes won this ¼ 2-1 and with this, the game, 9 goals to our 7!

A very tight and fast game, which could have gone either way! Well done girls, I was proud of you all.

Mrs FK Bell

Marnie Harvey, 06/02/2020

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