U9 Netball v Belhaven Hill 

Wednesday 29th Jan

Despite the wind, icy rain and hail stones and a number of the U9 team being ill the girls approached this week’s match against Belhaven with their usual enthusiasm. Due to the extreme weather conditions it was decided to only play 2 halves of 12 minutes, Belhaven won the toss and chose first centre pass. Although a number of the team were playing different positions to normal, they quickly adapted to their new roles.  The teams were evenly matched and play moved quickly from end to end. St Mary’s had a couple of opportunities to score but cold hands and an icy wind affected accuracy when shooting.  Belhaven scored the first goal of the match but St Mary’s quickly responded and the first period finished one all.

A quick team talk and a couple of changes to the St Mary’s team saw the girls approach the second half with the same determination and enthusiasm in spite of the worsening weather. Both teams worked hard and demonstrated accurate passing, though catching was difficult due to cold fingers.  As in the first half both teams had opportunities to score and Belhaven took the lead.  St Mary’s remained focussed and fought back levelling the score just before the final whistle.  A fair result to a lovely match.  St Mary’s 2 – Belhaven 2

The picnic match tea of ‘Hot dogs’ and hot juice was greatly appreciated by all the girls.  
Well played: Coco, Esmee (C), Kirsten, Lottie, Martha, Matilda, Meisha, Ophelia and Sophie (2).

Mrs R Routledge and Ms Amado


Marnie Harvey, 31/01/2020

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