U9A v Mowden Hall

Wednesday 22nd Jan 2020

The U9As played first this week against Mowden Hall and due to time constraints, it was agreed to play 2 periods of 15 minutes.  Mowden Hall won the toss and chose first centre pass.
The girls again took their time to settle down and Mowden Hall quickly went on the attack. However, the defence kept the ball out of the D and passed the ball into our attacking D.  Excellent passing, moving around the court and shooting saw St Mary’s 5 – 1 in the lead at the end of the first period.  During the second period the teams were more evenly matched and play moved quickly from end to end with both teams scoring a number of goals. Final score St Mary’s 10 – Mowden Hall 4.  The girls played well, demonstrating a good understanding of positional play and the importance of accurate passing and shooting.
Well done: Aleshya, Esmee, Hettie, Jemima, Lottie, Martha (5), Megan, Miranda (C) and Sophie (5). 

Mrs R Routledge

Marnie Harvey, 24/01/2020

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