Week ending 24th January 2020

Monday – 19th January
We had the first session for the term of our football nights. The boarders went to the Melrose 3G pitch, where they played a couple of matches and entertaining skill drills. The night was enjoyed by all, even those who were not so keen. In the end Miss Amado’s team bet Mr Rooney’s team in a close match.
Mon 29th Jan 20

mon 20th Jan 20 A

Mon 20th Jan 20 B

Mon 20th Jan 20 C

Tuesday – 20th January
The second session for the term of swimming at Galashiels pool was excellent. All the pupils who came loved the heated pool and had a ripper of a time playing with balls and pool noodles! Dodgeball was played in the pre prep gym for the remainder and a good time was had by all! 

Tue 21 Jan 20

tue 21 Jan A 20

Wednesday 22nd January 2020
A selection of activities were provided for the pupils, art room, outside activities and dancing to music. The pupils enjoyed being given the choice of these activities. As well as these activities Mrs Rawson made a glow stick scavenger hunt and was loved by all who participated! Those who didn’t do the glow stick played monopoly, a heated game was an understatement!

wed 22 jan 20

wed 22 jan 20 A

wed 22 jan 20 B

Thursday 23 January
Tonight was cooking with Chef, the pupils cooked up a storm making sweet chilli beef. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the process of making their own food and was enjoyed by all.

thur 23 jan 20

thur 23 jan 20 A

thur 23 jan 20 B

Kalani Sweeney,GAP student


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