U9A and B Netball v Cargilfield

Wednesday 15th Jan 2020

 After a successful hockey season the girls were excited to travel to Cargilfield for their first netball match of 2020.  The weather was wet and cold and the girls were very pleased when they found out they were playing indoors.

The U9As played first and due to time constraints, it was agreed to play 3 periods of 10 minutes.  Cargilfield won the toss choosing first centre pass. The U9A team of Jemima, Miranda, Abigail, Aleshya, Lottie, Martha and Sophie, took their places on court and took a little while to settle down and as in previous matches Cargilfield started strongly and quickly got the ball to their G; however some super defending by Jemima (GK) and Miranda (GD) saw the ball move quickly back to Sophie (GS) and Martha (GA) in our attacking D who scored the first goal. Both teams were evenly matched and score was 3 all at the end of the first period. The girls had to think quickly throughout the match, constantly having to change from an attacking stance to a defensive one. Aleshya (C) supported by Lottie (WD) and Abigail (WA) worked hard to pass the ball and keep it in our attacking third.     At the end of the second third the score remained level at 4 all and the girls started the final period focussed and determined to win.  The play continued to move quickly from end to end and both teams scored, 5 – 5 with only a couple of minutes to go.  St Mary’s determination finally paid off and the ball was passed to Sophie who scored the winning goal.    Final score St Mary’s 6 - Cargilfield 5.  A fabulous match to watch and umpire.

 For a number of the U9B team this was their first netball match. The decision was taken to play 2 periods of 10 minutes. The team of Hettie, Esmee, Ophelia, Imogen, Kirsten, Matilda and Coco started quickly with Imogen (C) passing the ball to Matilda (GA) and Coco (GS) who scored.   After a short period of play, with some super defending by Hettie (GK) and Esme (GD), Ophelia (WD) and Kirsten (WA) working together moved the ball into our attacking third where Coco scored the second goal of the match.  The girls continued to play well in the second period, both teams again were evenly matched and despite a number of shots on goal, both teams were unsuccessful in scoring.    As with the A team the girls utilised the whole court, moving the ball around and quickly switching from a defensive to attacking position when required.   Final score St Mary’s 2 – Cargilfield 0.
Very well played girls.

Mrs R Routledge and Ms Amado

Marnie Harvey, 20/01/2020

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