10th January 2020

I wish you all a very happy 2020.  This time last week (3rd January), staff were convening to prepare for the term ahead, and updating their knowledge of Child Protection matters with Independent Child Protection Trainer Anne Darling.  We are grateful to Anne Darling for her stimulating session, sharing her expertise and providing wise guidance in such emotive matters.
This session was quite a ‘baptism of fire’ for our new gap students; Kalani Sweeney and Courtney Hamilton, who had left record summer temperatures on the Gold Coast (but thankfully no wild fires in dangerous proximity), to arrive in a dreich, windy Edinburgh.  However, their cheerful demeanour and obvious enthusiasm served to bring a smile to all who met them as they settled in to their accommodation and new routine.

Kalani    Courtney

snowy Eildons 9 jan 20

We officially welcomed Kalani and Courtney in Monday morning’s assembly.  Amusingly, they looked far less jet-lagged than many of our pupils, who had not even been away but who were obviously gripped by the hibernation instinct over the holiday break.  The weather has not got any kinder with high winds and driving rain leading to indoor breaks earlier in the week, and as is illustrated in photo above, pockets of heavy snow have been deposited on some local towns and villages towards the end of this week.
We have been striving to re-engage pupils and to get them in to their academic stride as quickly as possible.  Mrs Stuart’s Gadget Dissection lunchtime club and Dr Morgan’s Chess club have both served to do just that this week and Miss Wood’s assembly this morning which was about being discerning when selecting your heroes, stimulated much thought and reflection.  Staff and pupils have been asked to really think about who we choose as the person to impress us most, and choices of participants will be on display in the Sanderson Building over the next few weeks.  It struck me that this process will reveal a huge amount about our own personal values.  It was a fabulous assembly.
Ahead of the weekend, I wish our U12 footballers, Mr Inwood and Kalani the very best of luck for Sunday’s indoor football tournament at Merchiston.
It is great to have everyone back looking well rested and up for the challenges of the term ahead.  Remember, we get 2 minutes more daylight a day up to 21st June, so don’t let the ‘marmite month’ wear you down!  Have an enjoyable weekend.

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