Week ending 10th January 2020

Last term ....

last term

Monday 6th January
Monday night started with a really fun first night for new gappies Courtney and Kalani as we staged a Mr and Mrs Quiz to get to know them and vise versa. They are going to be great!

Tuesday 7th January
On Tuesday we played a wild game of dodgeball in the PPG and there was drawing and painting in the Art Room while listening to music.

Tue 7 Jan

tue 7 jan 2

tue 7 jan 3

tue 7 jan 4

tue 7 jan 5

Wednesday 8th January
Wednesday night was a wild and windy night and just perfect for the legendary Boarders' Game - the Mixed Bag 500. Everyone had great fun scrambling around the school in teams taking part in challenges, press ups heats, dances, raps, collecting unusual objects to fit in a backpack, solving riddles and building towers of cutlery!

wed 8 jan

Thursday 9th January
On Thursday evening we rounded out a really exciting week with a whole raft of activities. There was Art and Sardines in the Sanderson, karaoke and Just Dance in the Hamilton as well as games out on the All Weather and some relaxing Lego and ICT in the Computer Room.

thur 9 jan

thur 9 jan 2

thur 9 jan 3

What a great start to the year!

Mrs E Rawson


Jules Birdsall, 10/01/2020

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