St. Marys Rugby U11 B & C v. Fettes U11 B   

Dec 4th 2018     

Our B’s and C’s welcomed Fettes U11 B to St. Marys on Wednesday for the final matches of the term in this 8 a side Triangular. First match up were both B’s for a 20-minute encounter.

 Our B boys had been working on defense after leaking too many tries the week before at Craigclowan, and were looking forward to testing it this week. Fettes took the tap and pass to commence the game, and commence it did. For several minutes, both teams went at it hammer and tong with intent and purpose. Neither team were willing to yield as tackles flew in. Our visitors were certainly challenging us, with or without the ball, as they drove at us ball in hand, or came at us in the tackle with a ferocity we hadn’t met this season thus far. Finding ourselves on our line at a scrum, a loose pass was eagerly pounced upon by Fettes to open the scoring. However, despite the try, we were ourselves giving as good as we got with ball in hand. We drove hard with high intensity and asked questions of the Fettes defense and had success as we made ground. After coming close on one occasion, we then got over the line to square up the match.

However, from the restart, we weren’t quite switched on after we had scored and we conceded a further try to go one down again. Almost immediately, we fell further behind as Fettes really came at us and scored in the top right hand corner. These were our worst moments and the match which could easily have run away from us. But to their credit, our boys hit back both with ball in hand and in the tackle. Our determination and intensity were lifted so high that Fettes were now on the back foot as we hit them with two tries in this purple patch to level it up. The final stages saw both teams have possession to take the match, but defenses weren’t having it. Time up, and the end of a great match. Our boys had to step forward today against a very good Fettes team, and they did so admirably to play probably their best rugby of the season so far.

Next our C’s played Fettes B’s, and although they conceded four tries at regular intervals they most certainly had their good moments. We ran very well at the visitor’s defense, but was a little too individual at times rather than using teammates. However, we still came very close to scoring on a couple of occasions, one being shoved out of play at the corner flag. Effort was commendable though, and our C’s couldn’t be faulted for that. We also defended stoutly against a big physical Fettes team and tackled well.

To finish, our B’s and C’s played a short game before it got dark! Time for the B’s to score a brace before accompanying our guests back up to the school for match tea. Thank you to Fettes for coming down to play the final matches of the term, and a big well done to our players who really had to stand firm today and did with distinction.

Mr A Rutherford

Marnie Harvey, 07/12/2019

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