Week ending 6th December 2019

Monday 2nd December 2019
On Monday night the Boarders kicked off the week in true festive style as they helped to decorate the Christmas trees and common rooms in the Boarding houses.

Mon 2nd Dec 19

Mon 2 Dec 19 2

Mon 2 dec 19 3

mon 2 dec 19 4

mon 2 dec 19 5

Tuesday 3rd December
Tuesday evening saw football outside on the All-Weather, Art Room crafts and activities as well as music practise and jazzing in the Music Room.

tue 3 dec 19

tue 3 dec 19 2

tue 3 dec 19 3

tue 3 dec 19 4

tue 3 dec 19 5

Wednesday 4th December
Wednesday evening was a lot of fun with chocolate lolly making and decorating for Winter Wonderland, dancing to Disney show tunes on the All Weather and Warhammer painting in the Art room.

wed 4 dec 19

wed 4 dec 19 B

wed 4 dec 19 C

wed 4 dec 19 D

Thursday 5th December 2019
Thursday night rounded off a very busy week in a relaxing fashion with a nice quiet evening making decorations, Lego and Christmas crafts in the Art Room before the singers came back from Bowden Kirk for some yummy toast and hot choc.
5 dec 19

5 dec 19 B

Friday 6th December 2019
34 boarders are heading off to the GAP Surprise ................. details to follow

Mrs E Rawson


Jules Birdsall, 05/12/2019

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