St. Mary's U11 v Gala vs Selkirk

Saturday 23rd November 2019

Game 1 – St Mary’s 6 – 5 Selkirk
Game 2 – St Mary’s 7 -1 Galashiels

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The boys arrived at the legendary Greenyards for the curtain raiser the Southern Knights vs Ayrshire Bulls super six match. There was a positive vibe going onto the pitch to warm up as the stand was filling up, floodlights were on and music was playing. Myself and Will thoroughly enjoyed the event as well.

The warm up was short and sharp with the added challenge of passing a rugby ball when it was chucking it down with rain. As a team in the matches played they defended as a team and encouraged another on if there was a bit of individual brilliance.

Lochie© led most attacks with his agility and pace and was a threat with ball in hand whilst also showing creativity to put kicks in behind for people like Nic(vc),

Nic was also trying out grubbers and little chips over the opposition to get further down the pitch, he demonstrated great intelligence as well when at the back of a ruck he picked the ball up and ran down the blindside to score in front of the crowd.

Fergus was a rock in defence where anyone who tried to pass him would get put on the ground, he was also a big voice in defence and attack commanding everything from the width.

William when he had the ball in his hand he ran hard at his opponents and with good footwork to freeze the opposition and to run round or get an offload away, he also put in some great tackled driving the ball carrier back as well.

Daniel was all over the pitch the work rate he showed was great to see, when he got hold of a boy he made sure to hold on until help arrived. In attack Daniel was threatening with his ability to run across then cut in and hand off with his free hand.

Gregor brought the energy to the game along with his slick haircut. He showed great agility and his passing from the back of the scrum was in front of the first receiver so he could run onto it.

Dino stood out to myself and Will for his defensive work of having almost a 100% success rate in his tackles. When he came up in defence he was always able to get his body in front of the ball carrier and slowed him down.

Barney was the mascot for the Southern Knights coming out the tunnel which he enjoyed very much, Barney’s work rate was second to none as he was in almost every ruck trying to turn over the ball. Barney also shone with ball in hand with his quick changes in direction.
U11 Boys super six Nov 19 C

U11 Boys super six Nov 19 B

U11 Boys super six Nov 19

U11 Caretaker Mr Rooney 

Jules Birdsall, 26/11/2019

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