Week ending 15th November 2019

On Monday evening the boarders had a lovely time sketching in the Art Room and playing games on the Verandah before heading in for hot choc and toast.

 Mon 11 No 19

Tuesday night was all about Dodgeball in the PPG, Cooking homemade pizza with Cheffy and jazzing in the Music room.

tue 12 nov 19

tue 12 nov 19 B

tue 12 nov 19 C
Wednesday evening saw both senior boys and girls teams celebrating really important sports victories and so it was the perfect opportunity to relax with some mindfulness colouring in the Art Room, Just Dance routines in the Hamilton, Warhammer painting and some PPG games.

wed 13 nov 19

wed 13 nov 19 B

wed 13 nov 19 C
Thursday night was lots of fun with Warhammer in the Hamilton, karaoke and Dodgeball in the PPG before heading into the cosy boarding houses for hot chocs, milk and toast. What a fantastic week it’s been!

thur 14 nov 19
thur 14 nov 19 B

Mrs E Rawson

Jules Birdsall, 15/11/2019

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