U10 Hockey v Fettes

Wednesday 6th November
St. Mary’s 5, Fettes 0

Another wonderful match for the U10’s. 

After the starting whistle the girls very quickly scored their first goal giving them confidence leading to superb team work, quick thinking and accurate spacing.  The mids and forwards were passing brilliantly to each other, keeping their heads up and looking for the stick.  Our defenders did a great job of hitting the ball with power to gain ground, helping the others to drive the ball into goal.


At half time they realised there was an opportunity to score more by following the rebound.  In the second half the change in tactics paid off and the team scored an impressive 4 goals.

Thank you to all our supporters who cheered us on from the side-lines. 


Mrs Kirkness

Marnie Harvey, 08/11/2019

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