Week ending 8th November  

This week there was a whole host of activities on offer each evening. Monday night started with a quiz and a set of riddles for the boarders to figure out… On Tuesday we celebrated Bonfire Night with a bonfire out in the orchard, sparklers and toffee apples for snack. Then on Wednesday everyone gathered up on the Boys’ House landing for a game of sardines… boarders were discovered hiding in wardrobes, behind curtains, in drawers and packed into cubby holes! Then there was a movie in the Girls’ House, warhammer painting and dodgeball in the pre-prep. Cooking with Cheffy took place on Thursday and childnre enjoyed making and eating home made chicken kiev, bean salad and vegetables.

 Mon 4 nov 19

tue 5 nov 19

tue 5 nov 19 B

tue 5 nov 19 C

wed 6 nov 19

wed 6 nov 19 B

wed 6 nov 19 C

wed 6 nov 19 D

wed 6 nov 19 F

thur 7 nov 19

thur 7 nov 19 B

Mrs E Rawson


Jules Birdsall, 08/11/2019

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