1st November 2019

You may have seen Mr Rawson making another appearance on ITV Border at 6pm on Tuesday evening  He was giving details of the latest instalment of his Great Borders River Clean.  These recent endeavours took place on Sunday, with many busy volunteers carrying out their good work in the background.  Across the region, 304 volunteers picked up 1,850kg of litter in over 20 towns and villages on 6 different rivers across the region.
Mr Rawson was accompanied by St. Mary’s pupils and Scouts, Cubs and Beavers groups, as well as local adult volunteers including St. Mary’s parents
We are thrilled to report that today, for his commitment to the environment, and in recognition of his recent Tweed Forum River Champion Award, Mr Rawson will be among a select few receiving a visit from HRH Prince Charles at Old Melrose.  We have pupils and parents also involved in this Royal visit as Scouts and Scout Leaders.
Earlier in the week I briefed the school on our Fire Evacuation Policy.  This was put in to practice with a drill carried out on Thursday, which pupils and staff responded to efficiently. 
As a follow on from good work being done to raise awareness of Down’s Syndrome, Kindergarten ran a café to which staff and parents were invited on Monday.  Kindy was even busier than usual and well done to all involved in this worthwhile fundraising initiative.
Tuesday was one of those days in our school calendar that results in people asking where do our pupils and staff get their tireless energy.  A splendid Lecture Final was judged by Reverend Blackledge and his choice of placed individuals was beyond dispute.  Congratulations to all who took part and particular well done to Jemima ‘How to Have a Successful Lambing’ (Junior winner) and Mitchell ‘Sleep’ (Senior winner)
Since the final, Reverend Blackledge has written a personal letter of congratulations to all sixteen participants.  Several, completely independently of each other, have popped in to my office to show me these letters and to say how touched they are by Reverend Blackledge’s kind and encouraging remarks.  A lovely gesture from a most empathetic and insightful judge.    
That evening, Miss McRae, Mrs Hardie and Dr Morgan took a twenty strong Form 6 choir to Makerstoun Church to support an evening of music for the congregation.  Notes have since been passed to Miss McRae by members of the public, congratulating the pupils on their contributions to a most successful evening.
All the while, preparation for Halloween had been getting underway amongst the boarders.  Pumpkin carving on Tuesday, Halloween games then ‘Trick or Treating’ on Wednesday evening and a Halloween themed evening of cooking took place with Cheffy on Thursday.  It would seem Halloween should be renamed ‘Halloweek’!  However, boarders seemed to enjoy the opportunities the ever inventive and tireless boarding team put on for them.
Form 3 performed a wonderful assembly on communication this morning – well done to them as it demonstrated the marked development in technology not just in recent years but since 1805. The naval tale told the story very effectively.
This weekend St. Mary’s teams will be involved in U11 hockey and rugby tournaments at Cargilfield (Saturday) and U13 rugby on Sunday (Ardvreck).  Good luck to all pupils and staff involved, and thank you to parents for your support of these teams in the form of transportation as well as touchline encouragement.  Your commitment means a great deal to the staff involved, as well as your own offspring.
Have a most enjoyable weekend.

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