25th October 2019

Given we have all returned on Wednesday from a restful half term holiday, I am offering an abbreviated update; welcome back!
We are delighted with the start Maia has made in Form 5 and Mr Brown and Mr Inwood are thoroughly enjoying their joint roles as tutors of Form 5.  Mrs Stuart is on hand to support, as is Mrs Bell, but our two shining lights are radiating their characteristic pastoral positivity.
With the St. Mary’s half-term break seemingly out of synchronization with many other independent schools, it was great to welcome so many of last year’s leavers to the side lines of fixtures on Wednesday.  Their support was greatly appreciated and it was lovely to hear so many positive things about the starts they have made in their respective senior schools.
Thank you to all our pupils from Form 4 up, for preparing lectures over the ten day break.  Form tutors have heard these today and staffroom conversations certainly suggest the standard is once again, extremely high.  Next Tuesday we will welcome the Reverend Pip Blackledge as our Lecture Final judge.  I have asked him to look out for new members of his congregation on Sunday, and to notify me if particularly generous offerings are made to the collection trays, with a wink to the church elders about sons and daughters being selected as finalists!
Later on next Tuesday, Miss McRae will be taking a small choir and musicians to Makerston Church in support of a short concert to raise funds for the small and charming parish place of worship.

Finally, remember the change of clocks this Saturday evening.  ‘Spring forward, fall (autumn) back’!

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