4th October 2019

Thanking our hockey and rugby squads for competing in the Loretto U11 and U13 tournaments on Sunday, was a priority on Monday morning.  Pupils, staff and parents made up the St. Mary’s element of a busy day for our hosts, Loretto School.  We can be proud of our contribution in all tournaments.
Loretto 7s hockey

However, special mention goes to our senior girls, who under the fine tutelage of Mr P, defied the odds to work their way to the U13 final.   They were not unlucky to lose that final to Cargilfield 2 - 0, they were outplayed…but not by much!   I stood with Mr Taylor, the Cargilfield Headmaster, and we were equally proud of our teams at the end of a competitive final. 
In fact, whilst our senior boys had a tough day, and our two U11 teams battled with mixed success in their respective tournaments, they were no less committed than the superb senior girls, in my eyes.
In assembly this morning, Mrs Runciman and Mrs Fresle introduced the new Resilience programme we will be delivering to our Primary aged pupils.  Forms 7 and 8 will be using this as a template to help us develop a more bespoke programme for pupils of lower senior school age. 
The introductory talk and presentation certainly emphasised the point that we all have choppy waters to paddle through, but that some of us seem to be able to negotiate these better than others.  The programme is designed to stimulate positive approaches to day-to-day setbacks and, in turn, develop a more optimistic outlook.  On-going research in the complex area of mind-set is fascinating, and we are grateful to Mrs Runciman, Mrs Fresle and our pastoral team of Form Tutors and Assistant Form Tutors for their collective progressive approach.
This school week, Week 5, has been typically action packed and busy.  We have had very informative and helpful visits from Winchester Registrar Mr Andrew Sheddon and Headmistress of Queen Margaret’s York - Mrs Sue Baillie .  We have been joined by HND student Kitty Thompson who is working in Kindergarten and Reception alongside our brilliant and experienced practitioners in both those areas of school, and Kitty is settling in really well.  Today (Friday) we look forward to Sedbergh’s Director of Hockey visiting to run sessions during girls’ games.  We are grateful to Mr Shopland for his outreach contribution
The Board of Governors met on Wednesday to cast an eye over the start the school has made to the new academic year and to oversee our plans for the term and year ahead.  The Board congratulated the school on the recent hugely successful Bang Goes the Borders science festival, that has received widespread positive publicity. 
We are proud of our community links, but it is always refreshing when new local businesses come in to discuss partnerships and how mutual support can be fostered.  Cathy Copson, Marketing Manager for Provender called in to distribute flyers promoting the business but to emphasise how eager the company are to support the school, and we look forward to Provender’s support with our charitable endeavours in the future.
Before the week concludes, we will see the return of our ‘Crime Scene Investigators’ in Form 6 and 7 who were nominated to travel with Mr Inwood to Strathallan School .  Apparently ‘there’s been a murder’, and our ‘forensic team’ have been called upon to solve the case.  We will let you know if a conviction is secured!
Have a good weekend.


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