Week ending 4th October 2019

This week epitomised boarding at St. Mary’s., with sunny evening activities outside.
Monday started with round 2 of the dingbats quiz and this time it was the girls that scored the most points.
mon 30 sept 19

On Tuesday everyone headed out to the orchard at dusk to play milk/fire/water.... hiding behind apple trees and shrubs, boarders had to run and tag a member of staff who were counting down and then hide quickly again before being spotted! Then there were choices for seniors with dodgeball in the pre-prep, music practice and painting in the art room.

tue 1 october 19

tue 1 october 19B

tue 1 october 19 C

wed 2 oct 19
On Wednesday everyone gathered on the 1st XV pitch to split into teams for Capture the Flag. Each team had to try and steal all three balls from the opposition’s den to be crowned champions. Then there was the option to do some calligraphy, warhammer battling or football before making healthy fruit smoothies to enjoy at snack time.

wed 2 oct 19 B

wed 2 oct 19 C

wed 2 oct 19 D

wed 2 oct 19 E

wed 2 oct 19 F
Thursday saw a Just Danceathon and more warhammer battling in the veranda before heading back to the boarding houses for toast and milk.

thur 3 oct 19

Mrs E Rawson


Jules Birdsall, 03/10/2019

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