6th September 2019

Welcome back, and a particularly warm welcome to all our new starters; sixteen in the school in total, and to Mrs Bruce our Head of Modern Languages.  I am pleased to report they have all settled in very well.
After some intense First Aid training for all our games staff, and two timetabled days of thorough preparation for all staff, we were ready and eager to get started as the assembly hall filled up on Monday morning.
We cast our minds back to a fabulous end of Summer Term and in particular each one of last year’s Form 8 pupils as they were embarking upon their various senior school careers.  Our current Form 8s sat proudly as they reflected on the names of their friends who had departed from St. Mary’s a couple of months earlier.
I then offered some wise advice.  Hitting out and panicking because you think they are angry is not sensible.  Consider that they are acting under instruction and just doing their best to survive and do their jobs, and this may better equip you to deal with your irritation, annoyance or fear.  No, I am not talking about how to handle schoolteachers.  The topic was in fact ‘Wasps’.
I emphasised the good wasps do by helping keep pest insect populations regulated and how that allows gardens and crops to flourish.  As is refreshingly the case, one particularly knowledgeable pupil reminded me that wasps are notorious for raiding hives and killing honeybees, so they aren’t all that innocent.  Fair point and one I am prepared to accept as long as that honey keeps coming across my desk, young man!
A hectic week then ensued, with St. Mary’s own ‘worker bees’ picking up from where they left off, facilitating and running educational visits to CGI Borders Book Festival, the fast developing synthetic surface next door at The Greenyards and a wide range of fabulous activities on offer on Thursday afternoon.  As ever, it is ‘all go’ around here, not least in the evening with the boarding team dealing with high demand and providing excellent and varied evening activities programmes.
This morning’s assembly included the hotly anticipated draw for the forthcoming Squad Singing competition.  I am sure your son or daughter will inform you about the outcome.  Miss McRae will no doubt publish the news on the new school App. We hope you are finding this helpful and informative.  Miss McRae worked very hard to bring this useful new initiative to fruition.  Even those of us ‘old stagers’ who can be somewhat cynical about the demand for immediacy in information sharing have muttered our approval.
Congratulations to Miss Abbie from Kindergarten, who gave birth to Max in early July.  We look forward to visits from mum and baby in due course.
Thank you to the SPCA Officer who presented a 2nd place prize of a £50 voucher to the school, following success amongst our Form 1 to Form 4 entrants.
Finally, this weekend parents will receive the termly calendar in the weekly envelope.  Please study this carefully and note the important commitments we have scheduled for you and your children.
Welcome back!

Jules Birdsall, 06/09/2019

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