Sunday 23rd June 2019

8 gold, 15 silver and 5 bronze medals.

Gold U14 100m Molly
  U14 200m Molly
  U14 400m NR Eliza
  U14 1500m Libby B
  U13 HJ Daisy
  U11 150m Lochie MC
  U10 CB Miranda
  U14 Girls 4 x 100m Molly, Rosie, Libby B, Emma SW
Silver U14 800m Caelan
  U13 800m Daisy
  U13 Shot Emma L
  U11 HJ Nic
  U13 100m Oliver L
  U12 CB Freyja
  U12 LJ Tiggy
  U12 100m Tiggy
  U12 Shot Skye
  U12 200m Freyja
  U11 CB Lily T
  U11 600m Olivia
  U11 80m Lochie MC
  U10 75m Martha
  U12 Girls 4 x 100m Tiggy, Freyja, Anna, Skye
Bronze U14 800m Emma SW
  U13 Javelin George R
  U11 150m Olivia
  U11 HJ Charlotte
  U11 Girls 4 x 100m Olivia R, Celia, Lily T, Charlotte


iaps sum 19

iaps sum 19 2

iaps sum 19 3

iaps sum 19 4

Jules Birdsall, 27/06/2019

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