U9A Rounders v Ardvreck

Wednesday 5 June 

 Wellie boots and raincoats packed we set off to Musselburgh to meet Ardvreck who were travelling from Crieff.   We arrived to torrential rain and quickly took shelter in the pavilion.  Due to the weather the decision was taken to play inside the sports hall.
The match was played over one innings of 30 good balls and Beatrice, this week’s captain, won the toss and chose to field first.
Playing inside had its own challenges, having to take into consideration the restricted area and that catches off the wall were to be taken one handed!!!!  Ardvreck made the girls work hard and make decisions quickly, as they took chances running from first to second post.  However following on from last week’s success they again demonstrated super team work and quick decision making.  Although Ardvreck connected with 65% of the balls we held them to 1 full rounder and 6 half rounders.


The girls came into bat and as with last week super hits and good tactical thinking saw them score 8 rounders and a number of half rounders, though a lack of awareness of the batter in front saw 6 of the team run out!!!  We also had a 65% success rate hitting the ball. 
Final result St Mary’s 12 - Belhaven 4
U9A Team: Beatrice (C)  (2 ½ ), Abigail, Aleshya (1 ½), Hannah (3), Jemima (1), Kira (2), , Mathilda, Miranda, Sophie (2 ½ ).
This was the last game of the season and was a lovely finish to a successful term.

Well done girls, a super match and result.

 Mrs Routledge

Marnie Harvey, 21/06/2019

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