U11 Rounders v Belhaven

Wednesday 29th May 2019
Captain: Freyja
St Mary’s 19   -   Belhaven 7½

More photos will be added soon...

IMG 3239

St Mary’s were more than ready to take on Belhaven today. Slightly breezy, but thankfully the rain stayed away. The first innings we managed to keep the Belhaven score to 3 rounders, the girls fielded reasonably well, however more accuracy is required  when throwing the ball back to post, in particular 2nd to avoid giving the half rounder away.   Our turn to bat where again our four big hitters managed 7½ rounders between them, this put us ahead going into the second innings. Belhaven were much stronger and gained plenty half rounders, but our fielding stepped up another gear and we managed to get 4 girls out including their strongest player early on…. 4 rounders for Belhaven.  At this stage the girls knew they had won, but they kept calm and went out determined to widen the score…they certainly did that with most of the girls putting a point on the scoresheet…11½ St Mary’s.  Every week the team changes, but the girls cope with this brilliantly.  I’m thrilled to see the stronger players helping to develop the confidence in the others.

IMG 3243

A superb game girls
Scores: Freyja 5, Skye 5, Anna 3, Tiggy 3, Lilly 1, Mable 1, Sophie ½, Kate½
Mrs Wright

Marnie Harvey, 03/06/2019

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