U9 Rounders v Belhaven

 Wednesday 29th May

 The focus in games since last week’s match was to improve our batting average.  We travelled to Belhaven, raincoats and sunhats packed confident that we had improved.
The match was played over two innings of 20 good balls and Jemima this week’s captain won the toss and chose to field first.
What a difference from earlier matches this term: the girls were throwing the ball accurately, making quick decisions and demonstrated super team work between bowler, backstop and 2nd post, with the deep fielders ready to back up the posts if necessary.  This improvement in our fielding meant that they held Belhaven to 3 rounders in their first innings.  The girls came into bat and super hits and good tactical thinking saw them score 8 rounders from the 20 balls.


In the 2nd innings the girls again fielded well, managing to stump out 7 of the Belhaven team who scored another 3 rounders.  Despite having already won the match the girls came into the 2nd innings focussed and determined to do well, they scored a further 2 full rounders and four ½ rounders.
Despite the rain and the ground being slightly slippy, the girls played well and it was a lovely game to watch and umpire

Final result St Mary’s 13 ½ - Belhaven 6  
U9A Team: Jemima (C) (1), Mathilda (1) Kira, Beatrice, Amelia, Sophie (2), Miranda (2 ½ ), Aleshya (2), Martha

Well done girls, a super match and result.

 Mrs Routledge

Marnie Harvey, 03/06/2019

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