1st Rounders v Loretto and Cargilfield 

Wednesday 22nd May 2019
St Mary’s 9.5: Loretto 3.5
St Mary’s 5.5: Cargilfield 3
Cargilfield 16: Loretto 3

Captain: Eliza


The 1sts played some very impressive rounders today and were able to put all they have practised in to play. Cargilfield played Loretto first and won this quite easily. Loretto were now warmed up as we took to the pitch but hadn’t anticipated the strength of Mhairi’s hit and she opened the innings with a full rounder. This was swiftly followed by 4 x ½ (Rosie, Eliza, Hannah, Libby) and a full on her debut strike for the 1s, from Iona. I was pleased to see every member of the team hit the ball today and although not everyone scored, they did make a very good effort at connecting. Mhairi scored 2 more full rounders and a sneaky wee half whilst Rosie 3x ½, Eliza, Hannah and Libby then added another ½ to their score. At the end of the innings we had 9.5. Loretto were caught out on their first hit with no score until a ½ on ball 9 then another ½ on ball 16. A little complacency from the fielders snuck in with 5 more halves being given away before Loretto were ‘all out’ after 27 balls.

Cargilfield were a strong outfit and we knew we would have to field deep and try and return the ball to 2nd post if we were to be in with any chance against them. Eliza called the shots and we managed to put 4 non-hitters out at 1st thanks to the quick reactions of Mhairi and Eliza. Daisy caught batter 7 and then much to the delight of the team, Cargilfield’s strongest batter on her 3rd strike. Some superb teamwork saw us put Cargilfield ‘all out’ after 19 balls, no full but 6 x ½ rounders.

Usually chasing a total of 3 rounders would be easy but Cargilfield, like us, are good in the field. Indeed it took until balls 4 and 5 (Hannah and Emma) for us to make any mark on the score sheet, so by ball 19 we had only 1 full rounder-it was going to be tight! Mhairi and Daisy also collected halves so by ball 23 we had 2 rounders….time was ticking on and then a surge was put on, sending Cargilfield in to a slight panic-Mhairi and Eliza scored fulls and Eliza another 1/2 ! We won this very tight game by 5.5-3. Super play, of a very high standard from both teams.

Special congratulations to Iona and Daisy who played their debut matches for the 1s today-they both made quite an impact.

Mrs FK Bell

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