U10 Rounders v Fettes 

 Wednesday 15th May
Fettes 8 ½, St. Mary’s 13
What another fantastic win for the girls.  The sun was out and they were on fire during the first inning.  They won the toss and chose to field.  The girls were concentrating and their throwing and catching skills were so accurate they got Fettes out on the 14th ball.  Excellent fielding girls.  Our batting skills have definitely improved since our first match with some strong hits this week getting a total of 7 runs to 2 at the end of the first half.
Stats from today

Name Position Match summary Total rounders scored
Olivia Bowler Strong batting and fast runs from our Captain scoring well for the team.  Excellent play and catching when fielding getting many opponents out.
Tallulah Back stop Dedicated practise during games sessions paid off today with some super over arm throws to 2nd base to catch out your opponents.  1
Tanya 1st post Super concentration on the game and controlled stopping of the ball with your foot.  Fast running today gaining a half rounder for the team. ½
Celia 2nd post Accurate catching and stumping out of opponents during the first inning.  Great team work when fielding.    1
Emily 3rd post Some super fielding and catching during both innings.  The batting just did not work for you this week, better luck next week.  
Freya 4th post Great catching and stumping out, good fielding and team work.  Strong batting and great runs.
Zara Deep field Good accurate throwing and catching, a couple of strong bats and runs.  
Beattie Deep field Some strong hits this week and scoring for the team.  Great support when fielding and accurate throws. ½
Charlotte Deep field Some steady fielding this week and stronger runs between bases.  
Lily Deep field Some strong bats this week, powerful hits and good fielding, supporting your team.  
Nicole Deep field A strong batter, scoring for the team and good support when fielding. 1
Mahi Deep field Good foot work for stopping the ball when fielding, supporting the team.  Some good fast runs.  

The second inning was more challenging.  Fettes stepped up their game and came on strong scoring 6½.  The girls lacked some accuracy when deciding which post to throw the ball to, losing some chances of stumping out their opponents.  However, they fought back when batting, some strong hits and accurate runs.  It was lovely to be able to involve all the girls in the match this week.  A great effort by all this week, another well-deserved win.  Well done.

Mrs Kirkness



Marnie Harvey, 16/05/2019

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