Week ending 10th May 2019

Monday 6th May
Monday evening was the start of a very busy week. After prep there was tennis on the courts and cricket in the nets with some boarders choosing to enjoy a little bit of free time.

mon 6 may 19

Tuesday 7th May
Tuesday evening was an amazing evening - despite the weather! 23 cyclists were put through their paces by the experts from Borders College. They whizzed round agility courses, races and even had a limbo contest. Meanwhile there was a wild game of Dance Murder in the Morrison Hall.

tue 7 may 19

Wednesday 8th May
Wednesday night was very wet but that did not stop the fun. The boarders enjoyed dodgeball in the Pre-Prep Gym or put together some well-choreographed dance routines in the Morrison Hall.

wed 8 may 19

wed 8 may 19 B

Wed 8 May 19 C
wed 8th May 19

Thursday 9th May
Thursday was one of those classic St. Mary's boarding nights. There was tennis, Capture the Flag and cycling on Front Field before the juniors headed in for snack and the Form 8s stayed out for some fun cricket nets. What a lovely way to end an amazing week!
thur 9 may 19

thur 9 may 19 B

thur 9 may C

thur 9 may 19 D

Mrs E Rawson


Jules Birdsall, 10/05/2019

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