U9 Rounders v Loretto

Wednesday 1st May


The first match of the season saw the U9A girls travelling to Musselburgh.  Unfortunately the U9B match had been cancelled.

We had 9 girls and Loretto 11 so both coaches agreed to play 10 aside and Nell from Loretto volunteered to play for St Marys. The match was played over 2 innings of 30 good balls.
Team Captain Kira won the toss and elected to field first.

In the first innings both teams struggled at times to connect with the ball and made a few errors when fielding.  The first innings finished with the score St Marys 4 ½ - Lorretto 2 ½.  . The St Mary’s girls fielding improved as the match progressed, with a number of good stops, accurate throwing and stumping out 1 of the Loretto players: when batting, St Mary’s were awareness of other players positions before running and only lost one player.
The second innings followed a similar pattern to the first and it was pleasing to see St Mary’s putting into practice tactics learnt during games lessons, the partnership of backstop and bowler, and backstop to 2nd post after a backwards hit working well.  The final result was St Mary’s 7 ½ -  Loretto 6. 
Well done girls.
Kira, Amelia, Abigail, Beatrice (1 ½), Hannah (1), Jemima,(2), Lily ( ½ ), Mathilda ( ½ ), Tallulah (1 ½)

 Mrs Routledge

Marnie Harvey, 06/05/2019

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