Week ending 29th March 2019
Monday 25th March

Boarders spent the evening making Mother's Day cards in the Art room and playing air hockey and table football on the verandah.

1 25th march

2 25th march

3 25th march
4 26th march
Tuesday 26th March

After today's dress rehearsal, the seniors requested a movie night to put their feet up and relax after half an hour's prep and quiet reading.

1 26th march

2 26th march

Wednesday 27th March

With the seniors all involved in the evening performance of Mary Poppins there were only 6 junior boarders, 3 members of staff and Mr Harvey's credit card. Mrs Rawson devised an educational (?) three challenges... split into 3 pairs, it began with a colour scavenger hunt in the school grounds. Then it was Spanish Just dance before heading off in the minibus towards Galashiels. The third and final Maths challenge took part in Tesco's... each pair were given £1 and 20 minutes to buy as many different items as they could... to reward each team's efforts, the night finished with an ice cream at McDonalds :-)

1 27 march

Thursday 28th March

Mrs Stuart and Mr Rawson took the junior boarders to the new play park in Galashiels where they all thoroughly enjoyed an hour on the swings and roundabouts and playing football.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Thur 28th March 19 

Mrs E Rawson

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