U9 Football v Clifton Hall 

On Wednesday the 20th of march, the St Marys U9 Hawks team travelled up to Clifton Hall. We were greeted and put our stuff in the changing room and walked out to the pitches. The match being played was a 6v6 with rolling subs. St Marys had 1 substitute so the Hawks sub swapped with an on-field player every few minutes, to make sure everyone got the same amount of time on the pitch. This was the U9’s last rugby match of the season so they were keen to get the game underway.

William E captained the team and started off the game by collecting the ball and running around the Clifton Hall defence to score his first try. Charlie F lead by example by his textbook tackling technique or getting the big guys by the legs and getting them down quick. His good work rate showed as well in the 10-minute halves. Barney O again showed good tackling and agility to get passed many Clifton Hall defenders, his communication is asking for the ball and passing stood out. Dino R used good awareness in where the space was and displayed intelligence that when he got too close to the touch line and a Clifton Hall defender was going to tackle him he changed his line. Rufus S seems like he likes to do the dirty work on the pitch by trying to make every single tackle on the pitch, even after the tackle he has made and he is on the deck, if an attacking opposition is running near him he will spring off the floor. Daniel L showed a very good display of attacking instinct and produced a very unselfish act when he broke through the defensive line and was through for a try when William E was on his shoulder and Daniel gifted William a try. Daniel also shows a great level of passion for the sport with his communication. Callum B kindly offered to start the game on the bench but after the 3 minutes he missed he knew he would be on for the rest of the game. Callum showed great speed when it came to diving on a loose ball to secure it for his team, and when it came to the ball getting passed out to the width and Callum was waiting to run down the wing.

The final score finished Clifton Hall 7-9 St Marys. This was a very exciting game to watch and it was very pleasing to see the boys working together to produce a great high scoring game. A big thank you to Clifton Hall for Hosting us.

Stefan Rooney

U9 Rugby Coach

Marnie Harvey, 23/03/2019

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