Week ending 22nd March 2019

On Monday evening we had a wild and hugely enjoyable game of Sardines in the Hamilton before heading off to the boarding houses for some delicious toast and hot choc.

Tuesday evening saw the continued popularity of Just Dance rewarded by another sesh in two classrooms in the Sanderson Building. Meanwhile, there were games outside on the All Weather.

tue 19th Mar

tue 19th mar 2

tue 19th march 3

On Wednesday night we had another epic Just Dance battle while others crafted in the Art Room or played football and rugby outside on the All Weather.

wed 20th March

By Thursday night, we all need a wee relaxing evening and we had just that - Just Dance (again!!) in the Sanderson, drawing and painting in the Art Room and football and other games out on the All Weather. Phew!!

thur 21 March

thur 21 march 2

thur 21 march 3

thur 21 march 4

Mrs Emma Rawson


Jules Birdsall, 22/03/2019

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